Welcome to Ojai

Welcome to beautiful Ojai

  • Transient/Vacation Rentals

    At the January 26, 2016 City Council meeting the Council voted to adopt the resolution confirming the existing ban on transient rentals in all zones. Enforcement measures will be phased in with warnings being issued for the first four months. Enforcement procedures and fines will be discussed by the City Council at a public meeting in two months.More information »
  • Cultural and Historic Preservation Ordinance

    For the past eight months an ad hoc committee of the Historic Preservation Commission has been meeting to discuss amendments to the Ojai Municipal Code Title 4, Chapter 8 related to Cultural and Historic Preservation. The proposed changes and updates are contained in the red-lined document below. City staff and the Commission welcome comments in writing submitted to herbuck@ojaicity.org  More information »
  • Neighborhood Planning

    The City has embarked on a multi-phase process to better plan our unique neighborhoods and preserve our small-town, rural character. The second in a series of public workshops will be held on January 9 at 9 am in the Boyd Center Multi Purpose Room located at 510 Park Road.More information »
  • City Inviting Applications for Associate Planner

    The City of Ojai is inviting applications for an Associate or Contract Planner.More information »
  • City Street Overlay Project

    The street repaving for 2015 has been completed. The streets marked in red on the map below have be paved with rubberized asphalt. Rubberized asphalt improves the flexibility of the asphalt and makes for a quieter street. The project recycled and used approximately 12,000  tires.  No curb extensions were included in this project, however wheel chair ramps at corners  were constructed or upgraded per ADA requirements. See the project map below for the streets that were paved in 2015 (in red) and the streets that are scheduled to be paved in 2016.More information »
  • Ojai Bird Tests Positive for West Nile Virus

    On September 25, 2015, the Ventura County Environmental Health Division received confirmation from the California Department of Public Health that five more wild birds collected in Ventura County tested positive for the West Nile Virus.More information »