Cultural Resources

It shall be the overall goal of the City to provide the Long-term preservation or proper scientific investigation of all known and potential cultural resources within the Ojai Area of Interest.

Final Reports Submitted on December 20, 2016

The ad-hoc Cultural Resources Committee had been considering policies related to cultural resources as directed by the City Council. The Committee was tasked with completing its work no later than December 1 of this year. Subsequent to that, the City Council established a deadline of December 20 to allow members of the Committee to submit additional materials and recommendations for the City Council to consider.

Those submissions are attached. Attachment A is titled “Recommendations Report” from the “Public participants — Ad Hoc Committee.” Attachment B is titled “Ad Hoc Committee on Cultural Resources Report and Recommendations” from “Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chair, The Barbarerio/Venturerio Band of Mission Indians” and “Dawn Thieding, Cultural Resources Specialist.”

As the information is extension, staff recommends the City Council receive the information and allow time for appropriate study and consideration.