City of Ojai General Plan

The purpose of the General Plan is to provide and guide a community with long-term development goals.  Each element may be adopted individually or in various combinations.

Housing Element

2021-2029 Housing Element (adopted and awaiting State approval)

2014 2021 Housing Element Update

2006-2014 Housing Element

Land Use Element
The Land Use Element sets forth Ojai’s vision of its future, the means by which the City will protect its small town character.  Adopted May 1997. 

Circulation Element
The Circulation Element addresses broad issues of physical mobility, how goods and people move about in the community, as well as how goods and people move between Ojai on the outside world. Adopted May 1997. 

Air Quality Element
Air Quality Element Appendix
The Air Quality Element is intended to provide the City with background technical information informed decisions are made with respect to adoption of policies and development of ordinances concerning air quality.  Adopted May 1993. 

Noise Element
The Noise Element provides a basis for programs to control and abate environmental noise and protect citizens from excessive exposure.  Adopted November 1991. 

Safety Element
The purpose of the Safety Element is to provide for the protection of the community from any unreasonable risks associated with natural disasters.  Adopted September 1991. 

Conservation Element
The Conservation Element identifies natural resources; defines issues pertaining to the preservation of resources; and establishes policies and programs to implement objectives.  Adopted May 1987. 

Recreation Element
The Recreation Element establishes goals, policies, and programs to meet the long-term recreational needs of the community.  Adopted May 1987. 

Open Space Element
The purpose of the Open Space Element is to incorporate resources, conservation, recreational, aesthetic and safety goals, policies, and programs into comprehensive Open Space Plan  for the City.  Adopted May 1987.

General Plan Update

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